Sunday, July 1, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: Hail to the Red, White and Blue

Happy 4th everyone! We are currently thousands of miles away from the US of A. Although we're far, our hearts are definitely there. (That doesn't really rhyme, does it?)

I bought this cardigan with the intent to refashion it. This was purchased at Savers. It was marked $6.99 and was half price that day! So for $3.50, I got myself plenty of material to work with. 

So I turned the cardigan into two pillows, well potentially.

Unfortunately, I haven't got time to finish this project. Ok, so I cheated. For the purpose of this post, I simply wrapped a pillow with the cardigan, first photo using the front of the cardigan and second using the back. To make two pillows, I would not have enough material and would have to use a different fabric for the backs. The cardigan is a knit so it may be hard to find material to match. I think I'll just make one, hopefully before the next 4th of July!

Let's see what lili found.

For August, Beauty and the Beach. Stay tuned. Have a great July!

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