Monday, May 12, 2014

May Flowers

My garden is a little behind schedule this year. My tulips are usually blooming beautifully by now but they're still just barely peeking out from the ground. My hydrangeas are leafy and looking healthy but no blooms yet. The only flowers I have are these beautiful red ones from the pomegranate tree and the alyssums.

Months ago during the holiday break, I found this dress from Nano's Salvation Army. It's been hung in my closet ever since. I knew I was going to use it for May's post because in my memory, it was a floral print dress. Then I took it out of my closet to take photos and realized it really isn't floral. Oh well. It'll have to do.  It is "free people" and I do remember it being a really good deal. But of course I had forgotten how much I paid. 

Can't wait to check out what lili found for May.

Next month, Summer Lovin'.

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