Saturday, March 31, 2012

Anthropologie, Leawood, KS

Over the holidays, I visited one of Anthropologie's newest stores in Leawood, Kansas. It is probably the nicest Anthropologie store I've ever seen.

The storefront concrete wall is painted a fresh and welcoming green.

The signature rustic wooden door leads you into the beautiful store.

The atrium is simply stunning. It has this powerful way of making the guests feel special.

A simple and fun mobile I might just have to put on my wish list.

And this patchwork sofa... not sure how to convince my husband that I need it.

Of course, I found a few things to try on and had to visit the dressing rooms. The dressing rooms are gorgeous. I was too distracted by the sweaters and tunic and forgot to take photos of the dressing rooms. I asked Conea who lives walking distance from this store (how lucky is she?) to take a few photos for me. 

Photo by Conea

Photo by Conea

In addition to the dressing rooms, she took a few photos of the cute displays.

Photo by Conea

Love this look for the home office. 

Photo by Conea

Love the warm tone of this leather sofa.

Photo by Conea

Another cute display.

Photo by Conea

I really need to plan another trip there.  For now, I just have to admire these photos!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our new clothes line

The local power company is really stepping up. It now mails out energy usage comparison reports. We got ours last week and our gas usage is 38% below energy efficient homes in our area that are similar in size.  However, our electricity usage is 47% higher! This is simply unacceptable. I unplugged the toaster oven, microwave, phone chargers, and powered off all the computers (we have many) and tablets. Husband told me that our electric dryer uses up quite a bit of energy. So... I put up a clothes line.

Hanging clothes to dry in the sun is a common practice in other parts of the world. 

Image by Wikipedia

Burano Island, Italy. Image by SuperStock. 

Croatia. Image by theimagefile. 

Lisbon, Portugal. Image by agefotostock.

Growing up, our apartment building looked a lot like this. We lived on the top floor of a 24-storey building.  We would accidentally drop socks and clothes clips, among other things, quite often and had to go down 24 floors to find them. There was no guarantee we would see them again and when we did, they may not be in their original forms. I remember hoping no pedestrian would get hit. Luckily we lived on the top floor so there was no worries of other residents' clothing ending up on our clothes line!
Hong Kong. Image by smugmug.

One sunny afternoon, I had B help me try out our clothes line. He decided this is more fun than riding his bike. 

I turned the jeans inside out so the color doesn't fade in the sun. Strategically, he clipped on to the pockets. I thought that was pretty clever.

In no time, we're all done. 

He's now hitting the ball in the back. Do you spy the ball?

Such a simple thing and I felt so good about it. It not only brought back some childhood memories but also fit right in with my effort to get back to a basic and simple life. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goodwill Hunting series premiere: It Ain't Easy Being Green

Two good friends, who love finding great deals at thrift stores, decided to go shopping “together”, despite living on opposite coasts.  And, to make things more interesting, agreed - in advance - on a theme for each month’s “Goodwill Hunting."

This month:  It Ain’t Easy Being Green (in honor of spring, and St. Patrick’s Day)

I'm all about green lately both in terms of color and actions. The color is my son's school color which we wear every Friday to school. The action is my pursuit of being environmentally-friendly. 

I walked into our local thrift store, The Shop, and all I saw was the color green. First, this set of bright neon green dishes. (What I really want is the table beneath.)

Then another set of beautiful green dishes.

I also looked through racks and racks of clothing but didn't find anything I wanted/needed. I searched around fruitlessly for what seemed like hours. Out of the blue (green?), on a bookshelf, I saw a brand new Sigg bottle for $5. It fits with both the color green and the action green. Not to mention it's selling for $19.95 elsewhere. That leaves more green in my wallet. Perfect!

Check out lili to see what great deals my friend was able to find.

Next month:  April Showers!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring bags

Happy Spring! It's official! Today is the first day of Spring, although it seems like Spring has been here for a while now in this part of the country. The beautiful shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple (sing the rainbow song everyone!) are sprouting everywhere. I'm inspired.

I've been snapping photos of Spring trees and flowers with my very high-tech phone in the last month of so. And then one day I decided to look for these colors on purses.  Here are a few very happy handbags and totes I picked out for Spring. Note the colors coordinate with each photo. I'm such a geek.

A gentle orange, soft yellows, and pink.
Orla Kiely, Etc

Anthropologie, Pilcro

Tumi, Voyageur
Sumatra Crossbody, Ceylon Pink

Orange poppy and green
Tumi, Voyageur

Orla Kiely


Linea Pelle

Bottega Veneta

Subtle yellow. Photo by J Root

Must Have Bag, Sunflower

Linea Pelle

I love this photo but was having a hard time finding a purse of the same colors. I also love this Bayswater and it's as close as I can get.

Bayswater, Candy Pink Quilted Dyed Denim

Ran out of photos but the "window" shopping didn't stop. 

This Anya Hindmarch Tri-Colour simply spells Spring in all caps!

Anya Hindmarch

More shopping...
Sonia Rykiel

Bottega Veneta

Ok, I really should stop. Enjoy your Spring!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gardening with my little friends

We haven't had a winter this year. Not even the Cali standard of a winter. Our school garden has a lot going on. We planted carrots in the Fall and last week we were going to harvest them. I went to the garden to check it out prior to class and realized there's not a single carrot! I couldn't bear the thought of the kids being disappointed so I decided to stage the harvest! 

I went to four different grocery stores and finally at Whole Foods found a perfect bunch of beautiful carrots with the greens still attached. I packed everything I needed: 2 small colanders, 1 chopping board, 1 knife, a pair of gardening gloves, a shovel, and the carrots. I'm ready!

The flower bed was overgrown with miner's lettuce, poppies, broccoli, and chard. 

I rolled up my sleeves and strategically planted the carrots.

Harvest time!  We planted 32 seeds in the Fall and somehow I just knew we would only find 7 carrots. 

Yay, found one!

And more.

This is probably my favorite photo of the day. This friend put a miner's lettuce in her hair. Beautiful!

Let's check out the neighbors' flower beds.

We borrowed some fava bean flowers and radishes from the neighboring flower beds. 

Then made a yummy salad.  

It deserves a five star presentation.

The lesson I learned was that a little white lie is sometimes necessary. Just hope that my little friends won't be reading this post. :) 
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