Monday, February 17, 2014

Love is in the air

Valentine's day was a few days ago but love is still in the air.

I spent part of the morning at Savers and found a new heart-shaped baking dish and a book about the hill towns of Italy. The dish had a green tag which meant half price that day. For $0.99, I took it home. Maybe I'll make a tiny molten lava cake for our upcoming anniversary. The book was $2.99. Some day husband and I will make a trip out there. How romantic would that be.

After the hunt at Savers, I went to a nominating committee meeting for the District Council and then to the boys' classroom parties. Gebu started working on his valentines goodies days before the big day.  He decorated some cellophane bags with heart-shaped stickers, put a See's Candy lollipop in each, twist-tied them closed, then stapled a handmade heart-shaped card on the bag. He carefully hand-wrote each card and couldn't wait to give them to his friends. He definitely took this seriously. B, on the other hand, decided he was not going to give out valentines this year.  Maybe after a certain age, for boys, it's no longer cool. 

I must mention this side story. The night before Valentine's day, yeye and nano arrived, a day earlier than planned. We decided to surprise the boys. We were on Google hangout with them as they knocked on the door. Gebu had this confused stare still trying to process what was going on while B got it right away and couldn't stop laughing. Their reactions were priceless.

For dinner, the six of us went to Umami Burger. They do have the best burgers in the world. It may not be romantic but I sure had a great meal and a great day.

Hope you had a sweet Valentine's day. Let's see what lili found. Next month, It ain't easy to be green.

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