Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Lovin'

Hope you're having a great summer so far. We're done a little bit of traveling and reunion with husband's family. It's such a blessing to be with family but always hard to say goodbye.

I had help with this month's challenge. My good friend Bee saw two of the same blouses in different colors at The Shop for $5 each so she bought both and gave me the white one. Perfect! We're both Anthropologie fans and this shirt is by Edme and Esyllte which is a brand Anthropologie carries. I don't know how much this costs originally but did find a pre-owned one on eBay for $28!

I don't wear blouses very often but I've been drawn to them lately. It might have something to do with lili's May Flower post last month! I found this pretty white blouse with satin ruffles at Savers for $3.99. It's a Target cross-over by Behnaz Sarafpour. 

Find out what lili found this month.

Next month, Hail to the red, white & blue.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Last day of school

Tomorrow is the last day of school which means it is my baby's last day in Kindergarten. Earlier today my friend was saying how she's feeling a little sad that her little one is finishing up Kindergarden. It didn't really hit me. I mean, I heard her but it didn't hit me emotionally, until tonight.

Tonight, we had the most amazing end-of-the-year class party where we honored the teacher and celebrated a wonderful year. There were some funny stories told, many laughters, and a few tears shed.  We received a beautiful year book that was put together by our home room parent and an individualized, month-by-month photo/work journal from the teacher. It's so much fun to see the transformation, from the handwritings to the drawings to their faces. Things could really change so much in a short year.

The kindergarten year is special. Kinders are still babies. They're cuddly, they adore their parents, they make the cutest sound of giggles, they may still have those chubby cheeks, and some, like Gebu, even have all their baby teeth in tact. And, they do give the best hugs! In 1st grade, it's quite a different story. They're officially in grade school and have started their journey to becoming independent.

Looking back, I'm most thankful that I got to spend the time I did in class with the children. They grow up too fast. It has truly been a great year.  I feel very lucky to be part of this wonderful class.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What is so special about June?

June is the beginning of summer and end of school year. June is for weddings. In June we celebrate Dads. In June we celebrate Grads.

A lot of marketing campaigns use the catchy phrase "Celebrate Dads and Grads with this and that", because it rhymes. I thought it was cute too so when we decided to run a contest at Vilynx I thought I could steal that idea. I sat down to write an announcement for the contest and I started with "Celebrate Dads and Grads with Vilynx..." And that was it. I was stuck. I had to walk away from it. And then at the 11th hour, I thought, what about the June brides and grooms? What about summer?

My fingers started working away and came up with the intro:

"The month of June is full of video taking opportunities. There's Father's Day in most countries, graduations, and it is traditionally a popular month for weddings. At Vilynx, we want to help you preserve these beautiful moments, forever."...

I sent it to Michelle, my social media expert (she has over 1000 friends on Facebook!) to ask her opinion and she suggested to add "Summer is here!" So simple and so brilliant!

Then I worked with our resident graphic design genius, Helder, to put the whole thing together. And just like that, the contest is ready to go!  And I named it The Vilynx June Challenge. Find out more here.

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