Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What is so special about June?

June is the beginning of summer and end of school year. June is for weddings. In June we celebrate Dads. In June we celebrate Grads.

A lot of marketing campaigns use the catchy phrase "Celebrate Dads and Grads with this and that", because it rhymes. I thought it was cute too so when we decided to run a contest at Vilynx I thought I could steal that idea. I sat down to write an announcement for the contest and I started with "Celebrate Dads and Grads with Vilynx..." And that was it. I was stuck. I had to walk away from it. And then at the 11th hour, I thought, what about the June brides and grooms? What about summer?

My fingers started working away and came up with the intro:

"The month of June is full of video taking opportunities. There's Father's Day in most countries, graduations, and it is traditionally a popular month for weddings. At Vilynx, we want to help you preserve these beautiful moments, forever."...

I sent it to Michelle, my social media expert (she has over 1000 friends on Facebook!) to ask her opinion and she suggested to add "Summer is here!" So simple and so brilliant!

Then I worked with our resident graphic design genius, Helder, to put the whole thing together. And just like that, the contest is ready to go!  And I named it The Vilynx June Challenge. Find out more here.

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