Monday, January 28, 2013

Leather jackets

Remember the Fall boots post? I know you do. I've been searching for a leather jacket to go with the boots. That was fun! I get to be inspired by movie and TV characters.

First off, from Fringe on Fox, we have an FBI agent Olivia Dunham who is determined, compassionate, and driven. In the last few episodes, she's been wearing this leather jacket that I could not locate at all. I like hers because it is very structured.

The two I found do not look that structured on here. They both have similar styles with the zipper going diagonally up.

Topshop Traditional Leather Jacket $310
Top Shop Black Leather Biker Jacket by Boutique $310

And then there is Bella from Breaking Dawn Part 2. I really like her clothes in the movie and am particularly fond of her Belstaff double-breasted zip leather jacket. 

Belstaff double-breasted zip leather jacket

I kept shopping.

Kenna-T Cropped Leather Jacket $498.00

All Saints Belvedere Leather Jacket $435

Stella McCartney Vegan Jacket $840

I tried this Theory jacket on at Nordstrom's in a hunter green and loved it. It's very structured and the leather is very soft.

Theory 'Elenian' Leather Coat $845

Vince $995

Sisii Military Leather Jacket, $1198

Somehow the price points started going up. I've got to stop here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Goodwill Hunting: New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year! 

I was hanging out with my sister a couple of days ago and she asked me what my new year resolution was. That got me to thinking that every year the number one resolution on my list is to get organized. My console table near the front door used to look like this: 

Then, I found this at a little thrift/antique store for $12:

Now my console table looks like this:

So while "get organized" will always be on my list, this year I want to learn how to do more upcycle projects. I found this book at Savers for $3.99. 

I should've taken a closer look before I bought the book because out of 108 ideas I only like 8. The rest are old T-shirts turned into another type of garment such as a mini-skirt or some funky tops. They're just not my style.  I do like the author's blog. Check out her Harold and the Purple Crayon Halloween costume. So cute!

There are a few cute things in the book that I might make:

So was it worth the $3.99 to me? Not really. But it did inspire me and maybe I'll come up with my own upcycle ideas.

Now that lili is living her life imagined, I wonder what her new year resolutions are.

 Next month, Valentine's Day.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Holiday fun on tape...

... well, technically it's all digitalized (or is it digitized?) these days but you know what I meant.

Happy new year! We came back from our visit to Kansas and had such a wonderful time.  We had really good food, we got to hang out with friends and family, and the weather even cooperated. The past couple of years, we were disappointed that we didn't get to see snow. This year we had just the perfect snow to make a snowman and snow angels. The boys even got to sled for the first time.

I could show you snapshots but a video just tells so much more. Press the play button once to play the summaries or double-click to play the whole video.

Video powered by Vilynx

Vilynx for the Web was released just in time for the holidays. I was particularly excited about this because now I can share my videos with you on my blog using this state-of-the-art technology! I can be such a geek!

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

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