Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goodwill Hunting series premiere: It Ain't Easy Being Green

Two good friends, who love finding great deals at thrift stores, decided to go shopping “together”, despite living on opposite coasts.  And, to make things more interesting, agreed - in advance - on a theme for each month’s “Goodwill Hunting."

This month:  It Ain’t Easy Being Green (in honor of spring, and St. Patrick’s Day)

I'm all about green lately both in terms of color and actions. The color is my son's school color which we wear every Friday to school. The action is my pursuit of being environmentally-friendly. 

I walked into our local thrift store, The Shop, and all I saw was the color green. First, this set of bright neon green dishes. (What I really want is the table beneath.)

Then another set of beautiful green dishes.

I also looked through racks and racks of clothing but didn't find anything I wanted/needed. I searched around fruitlessly for what seemed like hours. Out of the blue (green?), on a bookshelf, I saw a brand new Sigg bottle for $5. It fits with both the color green and the action green. Not to mention it's selling for $19.95 elsewhere. That leaves more green in my wallet. Perfect!

Check out lili to see what great deals my friend was able to find.

Next month:  April Showers!


  1. Nice work, hunter! I miss the Redwood City St. Vincent, btw.

  2. Very nice! Sounds like you had a good time. I need to get out and shop around here someday soon.


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