Friday, June 3, 2011

A Visit to Anthropologie

Yesterday, I had to pay a visit to one of my favorite places, Anthropologie.  There is so much to see at the store.  The eclectic style is often inspiring.  Here’s what the front door of my local store looks like.  

I tried on several things and ended up with two that I actually didn’t try on: A Bit Biased Tee and Suspended Loungers.   

I got home and tried them on right away.  The tee was a bit too tight for me and the loungers were way too short.  I was so disappointed.  This morning, I took my 3-year old son and went to return both items. The sales lady at the counter greeted us with a smile and asked if I had a return, and then the million dollar question, “would you like to browse around?”  And came my long and hesitating, “suuure.”  I thought to myself that my purpose was to return those items and I was not buying anything, until I saw this.

The French Bustle Jacket from Mise En Scene by Ruffian.  It’s hard to see here but there are soft ruffles that drape and gather to a ribbon-tied waistline.  It is so feminine.  The back is slightly longer which gives it a sophisticated look.  And the best part is, it was on sale for $9.95 from $188 originally!  

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