Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why Lemons and Chambray?

By now, I should talk about how I came up with Lemons and Chambray.  First of all, I need to thank lili who was instrumental in helping me finalize the name.

I started this blog a few months after we moved half way across the country.  We moved into this little old house.  There was really nothing attractive about the house itself.  It had a practical layout, it was in a very nice neighborhood, it was on a relatively large lot and had a ton of expansion potential.  But the one thing that made me smile was the lemon tree in the backyard.

When life gave me these beautiful lemons, I had to do something about them.  I searched for recipes, I thought about selling them at the local farmers market, I gave them to friends and neighbors, I even used them to clean.  And of course, I made the perfect lemonade.


1/2 cup sugar
1 cup water
1 cup lemon juice (from our Meyer lemons)
4 cups cold water

1. Dissolve sugar in water in a small saucepan on low heat.
2. Juice 6-8 lemons, enough to yield one cup of juice. I use this wonderful Chef'n Citrus Juicer which makes juicing fun!
3. Add the juice and the sugar water to a pitcher. Add 4 cups of cold water, taste and adjust for desired strength. 
4. Serve with ice.

To me, lemons are more than a wonderful fruit that are full of vitamin C, they also represent our new beginning.

Next time, I'll talk about why chambray.


  1. Oh, I'd LOVE to have a lemon tree. I'm so jealous!

  2. I'll bring you some lemons when I come home!

  3. The first time I tasted the "perfect lemonade", I had been thoughtfully gifted it by Lucas during teacher appreciation week. It was stored inside of an old fashioned glass jar and wrapped with tissue and ribbon around the lid.

    After work, I took it home and placed it inside of my fridge to get cold before drinking it. A few hours later, I found my husband trying to drink it all to himself! Luckily, there was some left for me to try. Once I got a taste, I was instantly hooked and had to have the recipe!

    The key to this lemonade is the Meyer lemons, but not just any lemons, the lemons grown and picked with love on the Root family property.  I had the privilege of picking some of the famous lemons earlier this week.

    After jamming my juicer, knocking over my first cup of hand squeezed juice and neglecting to boil the sugar, I had my first attempt and recreating the perfect lemonade I was so kindly gifted. Although I had some mishaps, I am happy to say my lemonade was not half bad. Winnie’s lemonade is still by far the most “perfect lemonade” I have had to this day! Thank you for sharing your recipe and tree with me. 

  4. Try this lemon pie recipe - it's like a lemon bar, but in pie form. So easy!


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