Thursday, October 25, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: Halloween

Our neighbors take Halloween very seriously. Every year, there's this unspoken contest on decorating. It's almost stressful to me. I never celebrated Halloween growing up and could not appreciate the whole idea of the holiday, until I had kids. (Well, I still don't appreciate the candies and scary decors.)

This year, our neighbors got their decorations out the very first weekend of September. Now, I thought that was way too early. These are not just spider webs and pumpkins. They are life-size zombies that are crawling out of the ground, mummies hug on a tree, skeletons sitting on a bench, and armless, bloody babies sitting in the middle of the lawn. I'm just surprised I haven't had nightmares yet.

We came home one day and there's a note on our door, "You're not in Kansas anymore, get going with your Halloween decorations." Due to peer pressure, we had to do something. I asked the boys if they want cute or scary decorations this year. They said scary. But I didn't care. I want cute. 

We cut out bats from black card stock last year so we reused them on the door (cute). Spider webs (cute). 

Ghosts made with foam balls and white muslin (cute). Skulls windmill (semi-cute, or semi-scary).

The rest is husband's and the kids' doing: a ghost with skull face (scary), a rat with red light-up eyes (scary), a tombstone with a skull and again red light-up eyes (scary). At least, these are much smaller scary objects compared to our neighbors'.

The very last item I added was this metal cat tea light holder with a bat on its tail I found at Savers for $3.99. I thought it fits the "cute" category so I took it home. Now I think the cute outweighs the scary. I win.

Let's see what lili found for Halloween.

Next month, "Thankful!"

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