Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Goodwill Hunting: Hail to the Red, White and Blue

I haven't been the most organized this year. I didn't even dress us in red, white and blue for the 4th. I guess I'll blame it on how busy this summer has been. We did have a fun-filled 4th of July weekend though.

I haven't done much shopping lately but I did manage to find a few things I bought a while ago for this month's Goodwill hunting.

Red: here's an Fair Isle yoke cardigan I found at half off for $2.00. Not sure if I would ever wear this but I saw the refashion potential. Now I can't remember what that potential was.

White and Blue: I'm not sure why I bought these. They make a super cute outfit for a baby girl and they were half off. The off-white cardigan ($2.00) and jeans ($1.00) are by Janie and Jack.

I love the details of this hooded cardigan.

Check out what lili found this year. 

Next month, Beauty and the Beach. 

Hope you had a good 4th!

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