Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today marks the 10th anniversary of this life-changing tragedy.  Although it didn't personally affect me or any of my travel plans, I vividly remember that day.  I was driving to work as usual and listening to NPR.  They were talking about a plane crashing into the World Trade Center in New York City.  My immediate reaction was that it must be a new plot for a movie.  I turned to a different radio station and sure enough it was talking about the same thing.  When I arrived at the office, the front lobby, the offices and the hallways were empty.  I walked down the hall to the kitchen and everyone was there gathered around the TV.  So it's real.  It really happened.  I stood there with the rest of my coworkers and watched the second plane crashed.  We were speechless.  I couldn't really wrap my head around what just happened and why.

After a while, we walked back into our offices.  After all, there's work to be done.  I sat down and called my boyfriend (now husband) to tell him what happened.  I then started writing an email to my family overseas to tell them how much I missed them.

This morning, I turned on NPR when they were reading the names of the victims.  My kindergartener asked what I was listening to so I googled images of the event and show them to him.  I wasn't sure what was going through his mind but he asked three questions:

"Are they reading the names of the people that died?"
"Do these people have kids?"
"Did the bad guys die too?"

He then looked at the photos some more and went back to his Lego's.  

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  1. I remember that day and the chilly feelings. I also remember Aipeng flew with Isaac to Los Angeles to meet Inn that morning. The poor woman and her toddler son were stranded in Salt Lake City in fear and all alone.


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