Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: Holidays

Happy Holidays! 

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. We've been through sickness, holiday parties, birthday parties, last minute Christmas shopping, and lice... yeah, a little too much information maybe. Anyway, we got ready just in time for our trip! We're super excited to be spending Christmas in Kansas. I'm excited to be in Kansas just any time of the year. It is such a wonderful thing to be with family and great friends during this very special season. 

I was in Savers back in September shopping for the back-to-school post and found this tin card holder made by Hallmark. The Hallmark name has a special meaning to me. The company is based in Kansas City and I've had various dealings with the company, both on the business level and personal. This holder is just perfect for me. It was brand new and still had the original tag on.  And the price tag was $2.99! Of course, it went straight into my cart. At check out, I was told that there's another 50% off! I love it when that happens.

Merry Christmas!

Let's go over to lili's and see what she found.

Next month, New year resolutions!

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