Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring break photos by Ye-ye

Organizing photos has been an on-going nightmare for me. They're all over the place: email attachments, Google+, my camera, other people's cameras, my smart phone, iPhoto, desktop, Shutterfly... The list just goes on. At least now that I'm on Google+ which synchronizes my photos from my Android phone automatically, I don't ever have to manually upload them anymore. What a nice thing. 

Ye-ye started this photo project called 366 on new year's day (there are 366 days in 2012) which he uploads one photo a day onto Google+.  What a neat idea. Sometimes, it's a series (he did a series of spring flowers), sometimes it's just life as it happens (one of the photos was his broken phone.)

In "My New Chairs" I mentioned I would share photos taken by Ye-ye over our Spring break and here they are.

Arrival day.  B was longing for their arrival and Jebu was just focused on his drawing.

Jayhawks in the finals. B wore his Jayhawk shirt to support our team. What's with the hair though?

A visit to Woodside. This wooden fish is gigantic. See the tennis ball?

Stanford. Gebu ran around on the open field. The green grass in the background makes his red hat pop.

 The Stanford Tower

SF. Ye-ye and Nano took B to the city for a field trip.

Nano and B in front of gun bunker.

Back to Stanford for more photos. Amazing colors! I think this whole HDR technique is growing on me.

Half Moon Bay. This is probably my favorite photo in this series. I love that turquoise hut.

Us, sitting by the fire at Half Moon Bay. 

Downtown Palo Alto after dinner at Il Fornaio

Foster City. On our way back from Petaluma, the moon was so beautiful that we had to stop to snap a photo.

Sony Store, Stanford Shopping Center. Boys were sneaking in some screen time.

Easter egg hunt in the back yard. Gebu didn't want to lose. 
Awwww... need I say more. 

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