Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My new chairs

Over our Spring break, Ye-ye and Nano came to visit. We all get so spoiled when they're here. We ate at our favorite restaurants, took a day trip to Petaluma and visited with our cousins, did a lot of serious photography (with Ye-ye's permission, I'll post some photos here soon!), ate Ye-ye's famous cinnamon rolls, and of course, went to the toy store. Nano is the crafty one. Last time, she made me a decorative pillow, and this time, I got four "new" chairs!

Our dining room chair pads were badly stained and I'm ready for a fresh new look.

We went to JoAnn and I was drawn to the rich damasks and paisleys in neutral colors, although originally wanting red to match the decorative pillow in the adjacent living room.

And then I thought, what about something modern or something fun.

But really, I've been going for the French Country look.

There were just way too many options and it was impossible to make up my mind, until I picked up this store brochure and turned to this page. 

After 2 cans of brown spray primer, 3 cans of ivory spray paint, the perfect electric staple gun (this took many trips to Home Depot to find), a lot of staples, 1.5 yards of fabric, and a few days of Ye-ye and Nano's hard work, here is the transformation.  

I love the rubbed edges!  So French Country!

And the fabric, so Anthropologie! 

Richloom Studio Esme Graffiti

Thank you Ye-ye and Nano! And, please come back soon.


  1. I love that fabric! The chairs look great!!!

  2. A few weeks ago, I recovered my own dining room chair seats -- eight of them! I'm envious of your electric stapler. My "normal" staple gun was hard to use, and my hands got TIRED from eight chairs!!

    Today, I picked up a special order of this cloth from Joann (the Richloom Esme Graffiti). I can't stop grinning; I love it so much! It's for draperies in my living room. It's a lot bolder than anything I've chosen before, and my husband thinks I may live to regret the choice... but I *SO* love it -- the colors, the texture, everything.

    I have a wing chair similar to the one in the Richloom catalog you posted. It needs to be recovered. I'm not sure if I'm up for that big of a project, but that chair in the catalog looks so amazing, I just may try my hand at it.

    Thanks for posting this!!

    1. I'd love to see photos of your chairs! Oh, and the draperies when you have them done! Don't you love that wing chair? Yes, you should go for it!

    2. I wasn't very clear: I recovered my dining chairs in a completely different fabric... You can see the before-and-after pics here: (the pictures aren't great...)


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