Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Goodwill Hunting: Summer Lovin'

Summer Lovin', what a clever title! lili and I went back and forth about a title for this month's theme. We knew we wanted it to be related to summer, weddings, and white. We thought about June Bride and White Hot (which I had no idea what it was until I Googled it), but we don't want it to be too confined. Then lili came up with Summer Lovin'. How cute and how perfect!  In fact, today is the first day of summer. Flowers are blooming beautifully and the weather is warming up nicely. We've even experienced 3-digit temperature on Father's Day weekend. That was no fun.

For this challenge, I was hoping to find something lovin', such as a romance novel or a movie about love, but I ended with clothes.

The first one is a cute eyelet white skirt by Zara. I found it at Goodwill for $4. I have a feeling I'll wear this a lot.

Then I had to stop at The Shop which is just a block away and found these white pants from Abercrombie for $8. Based on my Goodwill hunting standard, they're not a steal by any means but they are just too perfect to pass up.

And lastly, I bought this brand new "Life is Good" onesie for my nephew for $8. I had to. It was brand new and originally at $25! Technically, I saved $17.

That was fun! Let's see what lili found. Next month, Red, White, and Blue.

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