Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The prom 2012, Mysteries of the Deep

The highly anticipated Lucile Packard Children's Hospital School prom was held last Friday. Here's a video and an article about the event.

Kathy, her team and the volunteers put in endless hours to make this event possible. I had so much fun volunteering at Anthropologie, this time I got to go to Dreamworks to help! 

When I walked into the big conference room turned work area, I was in awe. Look at these coral reefs. The creativity is impressive. I mainly worked on the kelp on the floor.

These colorful coral reef are mostly made out of everyday things. Let's get a little closer.


Jumbo pasta shells and coffee filters.

Pipe cleaners and plastic spoons.

Cannoli noodles, wire sponges, and Q-tips.

Shark made out of foam, duct tape... still needs eyes and teeth.

The big day, June 1, 2012.

In the submarine... getting a little nervous. It's the unknown, you know?

Wow, what is this place?  Disneyland?

Remember the fish from Anthropologie?

Dreamworks in action.

Now, what is this?

B taking a huge risk to find treasure. It's all worth it.

This boat is made out of cardboard paper by volunteers. Unbelievable.

More games, more prizes.

What an amazing and meaningful event. I feel so honored to be involved. Just wish I could put in more time. Next year.

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