Sunday, August 7, 2011

The low-maintenance me

For my birthday this year, I got some organic herbs to plant in my garden and some worms, among other things.  (We won't talk about the other things here because this post is about the low-maintenance me.)

Part of my effort to get back to the basic and simple life is to have an herb garden.  The herbs I picked out are: tricolor sage, Red Rubin basil, English lavender, chives, and rosemary.  I just need to find a perfect spot to plant them and good recipes to use them in.  I'm actually thinking the front of the house.  Why not?  They're so beautiful, smell delicious and very edible!

Oh yes, live worms.  I've never been more excited about worms.  Worms are soil's best friends.  They can improve the physical structure and fertility of the soil, exactly what I need.  In this Chinese take-out box, there are roughly 500 tiny worms.  I sprinkled them all over my gardens and under the fruit trees.   
Welcome to our home, little worms.  

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  1. Happy belated birthday from your always late friend.


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