Sunday, August 14, 2011

My daily skin-care regimen

Now that I've aged another year, I'm taking my skin-care routine a little more seriously.  I'll have to admit that I didn't listen to my mother on how important it is to take good care of my skin when I was younger.  I just thought that it'd be a long time before I had to worry about that.  Who knew?  That day came while I discovered my very first wrinkle.

I've always been a skin-care products junkie though.  I would buy them and display them in my medicine cabinet to collect dust.  There is a reason why they come in beautiful packaging.  My excuse was that I didn't have time.  Over the last year or so, I'm finally more "settled" in my skin-care routine.  Here's what I'm doing daily and the products I love.

Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam

I use L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam for a gentle and refreshing wash.
Dark Circles Relief and De-Puffing Eye Serum

I then use Darphin Dark Circles Relief & De-Puffing Eye Serum around my eye contour.  I've used this product for years now.  It's weightless so it absorbs quickly.  Darphin also has a Lifting & Firming Eye Serum.
Cellufirm Drops

For a light-weight face serum, I love Mario Madescu's Cellufirm Drops.  You can use this on your eyes too.  The green color is so lovely and it smells refreshing too.

Sunscreen is important!  I use Mario Badescu's Oil Free Moisturizer (SPF-30) for my face and Eye and Lip Sunscreen - SPF 15.  It's a good idea that you keep your SPF in the purse in case you need it during the day.  

Oil Free Moisturizer (SPF-30)Eye & Lip Sunscreen (SPF-15)

          For Mario Badescu's complete line of products, click here.

Immortelle Brightening Water

Again, I cleanse with  L'Occitane Immortelle Brightening Cleansing Foam as in the morning, but I follow with L'Occitane's Immortelle Brightening Water at night.  This alcohol-free toner is very soothing and smells wonderful.  

My sister gave me Intelligent Nutrients' Anti-Aging Serum a while back and I've been hooked ever since.  Their products are all organic.  I use the Anti-Aging Mist and then the serum after my cleansing. 

Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Cream

For eye care at night, I'm sticking with Darphin: Wrinkle Corrective Eye Contour Cream.

And finally, probably my all time favorite: Shiseido Future Solution LX Total Regenerating Cream.  If you have combination or oily skin, this may feel a bit heavy at first.  You'll get used to it and it's worth it!


  1. Great tips, I am going to try intelligent line and Mario Badescu eye and lip SPF.

  2. For those who have been using skin care all along, you are on the right track. If you haven't, time to play catch up. I didn't start paying attention to my skin until my kids were born - but never too late.

  3. Good god. you mean i'm supposed to be washing my face???


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